Cambodia ACTs Project Summary

Protecting the Right of Children on the Move, including Survivors of Child Trafficking in Asia 1st July 31st December 2016

Most of community people living along border Cambodia and Vietnam live under poverty line due to the lack of employment opportunity in the community and land for agriculture as the result of unsafe migration. As living in the hardship condition and with more debts, most of poor families do unsafe migration with their children to Vietnam to seek income by working as lottery seller or beggars. Due to the lack of understanding about safe migration,c child on the move and trafficking, most of community especially women and children are easy to be trafficked and faced any abuse or exploitation. Some children dropped out of school and engaged in hazardous works such as cattle care taker, lottery seller, beggars or worker in agricultural sector in Vietnam. Every year, community people including children in Svay Rieng province from 350 to 500 were caught by Vietnam authority to keep shelters for 2 to 3 months before repatriating to Cambodia. Most of migrated children do not access to their fundamental rights such as survivor, development, participation and protection right.

Based on the real concerns of people which is found by baseline survey, SSO has designed the project named “Protecting the right of children on the move, including survivors of child trafficking in Asia” which is implemented within 18 months of project period from July, 2015 to December, 2016 in 17 communes in 2 districts (Kampong Ro and Channtrea districts) covering 109 villages in order to address those issues especially protect children on the move from trafficking and any abuse as well as improve their living condition of vulnerable or victim families by following 4Ps strategies (prevention, provision, promotion and prosecution) and setting out specific activities such as establish child peer groups with capacity building training, provide capacity building training to Child Protection Network (CPN), support child peers and CPN to conduct awareness raising of child right, child on the move and trafficking, support repatriation and integration, budget to improve income generation through small business, saving group and agricultural production.

In order to implement the project effectively and efficiently, SSO will make the close cooperation among project partners such as; local authorities at all levels, CBOs, Cambodia National Committee for Children (CNCC) and National Committee for Counter Trafficking (NCCT).