Success Story of E.R.D

A little girl named E.R.D and called Small Pepper as anonymised name is 14 years olds living nearby Bavet City. Her family has 8 members including 5 females and she is the seventh child. Her family lives in poverty and with more debts due to the lack of farm
land for agriculture and permanent job. Due to the hard condition of living, she has to wake up in the early morning around 4 am at least 3 days per week to go across border to work as pepper picker in pepper plantation in Vietnam and return home at 4 pm by
earning 2 USD per day. With this condition, she does not attain school regularly and get poor range in class. By involving with child labor, she was placed in malnutrition and high risk of exploitation and abuse.

Small Pepper said” I have no new shirt to wear for school. I want to continue my study but my mother has no money to give me for food and study. So, I try to earn money by myself through going to work as pepper picker in Vietnam plantation.” SSO staff collaborated with CLMC in order to provide support of education service such as: educational material, uniform and quarterly budget support…etc. In addition, she is also provided counseling support and encourages her to engage in child peer group with providing capacity building training.

After she joint the capacity building training on child right and child on the move especially child labor, she has improved awareness of positive impact of child labor and has improved ability to communicate surround people especially jointly prepare work plan of session of awareness raising. She feels more confident than the previous time to provide sessions of training to other school children. At first, her mother does not want her to
join with child peer group but then by seeing the improvement of her child’s study and capacity, she changed her mind to allow Small Pepper to join with it. In addition, due to the support of education service, she attains school regularly and improves her study’s result as well as show high commitment to continue her study in upper grade.