Successful on chicken raising of Sister Yim Setha

Sister Yim Setha age 38 years old, her husband name’s Than Sara living in Sramor village, Svay Rompea commune, Svay Teab district, Svay Rieng province. Sister Yim Setha has 2 children (1 is grade 9 and 1 is baby about 8months) and her family job have depending on the a little rice farming and hair cut for supply to member family and support to her children go school. Outside of farming, after she harvested for the rice yield, she always travels to Vietnam for works as sugarcane worker and chili harvesting. Her family is poor family among of families in the village. She wants scale up of chicken raising; she cannot because she hasn’t enough money. One more thing, her children are still young and studying and they cannot help her to do something especially on rice farm. Some time, she has no money for her children go school and buys study materials or clothes. “Sister Yim Setha concerns and pities her youngest daughter, during she worked as sugarcane take care and Chili harvesting worker at Vietnam, she said”. She always lacks the rice during September-November for every year because of have a little land rice.

During the project “Improving Income and Nutrition through Community Empowerment (INCOMEI)” under funding by Heifer International Cambodia and implementing by Santi Sena has working in Sramor villages, Svay Rompea commune, Svay Teab district, Svay Rieng province. Since December 2015, Sister Yim Setha has decided to join the SHG member and saving money with self Help Group named “Sramor Strey Apiwat Sansom Prak” and she has savings with 20,000R-100,000R for every month according the money that she has. After she joined with SHG member, she has got some training on animal management and raising and home gardening from the project. After she got the training from the project, she has practiced by used the technical and skills what she has learned during the training to designs cage of chicken and buy 5 hens and a rooster from other villagers and she received chicken from the project amount 13 heads. She has borrowed money amount 300,000Rield to access the cage of chicken and equipment with 3% of interest from the group. She knew how to makes feeding for chicken, disease prevention and cage designs for small chicken, hens and rooster. She was successfully on chicken raising, especially, she always knew clearly with timeframe of chicken disease. Sister Yim Setha has sold the chicken to local market (Prasout market) and some time she sold to the villagers who need it with high price because her chicken is natural chicken. She spent from 3.5-4moths for chicken raising, she can sell it and supply to market and villagers, she said. She spent around 1,000,000R-1,200,000Rield per season for chicken raising and equipment. Now she have chicken around 200 heads, including 20 hens and 5 rooster and some of chickens have weight from 1.2kg-2.5kg per head. She sold around 80-100 heads per season with price from 15,000-18,000Rield/kg and got money from around 1,320,000-1,650,000Rield per season.

“After her family have the incomes from chicken raising, her family and children always eat food made from chicken meat and vegetable because she has own chicken. She has kept some money to buy clothes and study materials for her children when the class starts. Outside this, she kept money for scale up the chicken raising”. She was saving money with “Sramor Strey Apiwat Sansom Prak” and kept it for her son to study at university because now she studying at grade7, she said.

After her successfully with chicken raising, she has shared the experiences and knowledge on chicken raising to her sister name Yim Socheta who have no experience and knowledge on chicken raising. Sister Socheta said that, she knew and have experiences on chicken raising from his member group name sister Yim Setha who are very kindly with her and she has shared how to chicken raising with successfully. However, after she practiced follow sister Yim Setha, she mentioned that, she has successful and he has sold chicken and he got money around 800,000-1,000,000Rield.

Ms Leu Navy age 56 years old, she is village chief living in Sramor village, Svay Rompea commune, Svay Teab district, mentioned that, sister Yim Setha is very kind and he would like to shared experience and knowledge what she have learned to other villagers and she is model farm household for other villagers to practice follow her on chicken raising.

Brother Khut Saret is self-help group leader of “Sramor Strey Apiwat Sansom Prak”, he mentioned that, sister Yim Setha is honesty, friendly and kindly in the group, she is regularly for saving and active members in the group. She is hard working member in the villages and he would like to share experience and knowledge to other members in the group.

Sister Yim Setha have set up the action plan to scalp up of cage for chicken raising because he want to make more money and save money for her son go to school.

Finally, Sister Yim Setha said that “We really much appreciated with Heifer International Cambodia for supporting and helping on capacity building to her family as well as poor household in the village”.